Catalog and archive all your finds and collections with this intuitive tool. Clothing, tools, hardware, recipes, and any other item can be added to this fully configurable tool very easily. Spreadsheets are things of the past.

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Finds & Collections - July 2012 release


Olive Red-Handed let you use an inexpensive webcam as it was a highly priced security system. You can monitor an area against intrusion, be alerted in many different ways and deter the intruder if neecessary.

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Olive RedHanded

Computer Security

Leave your computer unatended at home or office. Forget about passwords to protect it. Lock-ix blocks computer access while allowing programs to remain working.
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This software let you keep record of you vital functions. Record blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, temperature and more. See your life on a chart, print it as is or as a list to show it to your doctor.

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One Life Only


Login Security

Password generator with all the fuzz you need to make happy to every site's requirements. You can also store your most frequent login/password combination on this FREE app. Download here.
Holly Cheese


Safely store all your software licenses and registration codes in a common database.

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Serial X


The Green Little Man from Outher Space is a simple calculator to operate on long list of numbers entered at once or from a file.Download this FREE app here.

The little green man from outer space


This tray accessory is used to switch off the power to the monitor. No more touching the monitor switch. Also it lets you save electricity because less energy is wasted when the console is not in use. The computer however, is not turned off which allows...

Lights Out

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